To contribute to making our cities more livable, healthy, resilient, and sustainable, we propose BAMBOO4SCHOOLS: bamboo lightweight structures and furniture for open spaces in schools and universities, as a tool that helps reduce the risk of spreading SARS-CoV-2. We understand that the younger generations find it more difficult to maintain social distance and use the mask in a continued way. Although infants and young people do not generally suffer the most serious effects, they are transmitters to their families.

We can contribute by offering solutions that allow activities that usually take place indoors to be transferred to the open air, a very effective measure, which has shown that the probability of infection outdoors is 20 times lower.

For this reason, we propose to design and build classrooms of bamboo adapted to each center’s needs so that students can normally follow their academic program outdoors, comfortably and more safely. These new spaces will also help to go along with the implementation of more innovative pedagogies, which suggest that learning in less rigid spaces and outdoors is highly beneficial for the cognitive process. 

IES JOSEP LLUIS SERT, Castelldefels (Barcelona) - November 2020

To reduce transmission of Covid19, IES Josep Lluis Sert implemented two different bamboo structures as classrooms to teach outdoors. Their students participated in both the design and construction process.

Collaborators: Maria Sabato and Raquel Gonta, architects.


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